What is a virtual assistant (and how can a VA help your business)

If you’re business owner, you’ve probably wondered whether a virtual assistant could help your business grow. Covid-19 and the resulting lockdowns transformed the way we work. Now, more firms than ever are exploring digital solutions to their workflow problems. In the meantime, remote and hybrid working has become the new normal for many industries! As a result, outsourcing business tasks has never been easier – yet many people still don’t know what virtual assistant does.

So, what IS a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (or VA) might sound like the name for the latest chatbot, but a VA isn’t (yet another) AI tool! VA’s are (human) business administration freelancers who provide a flexible resource for your business. They work remotely, supporting business owners and leaders who outsource tasks to them.

What does a VA do?

The tasks that VAs undertake typically fall under three areas:
  • Business administration – such as reconciling accounts, setting up CRMs and workflows.
  • Project work – including scoping, sourcing, and developing a project plan
  • Traditional PA work – think minute taking, diary management, and inbox management.
There are many more tasks that VAs can (and do) take on – many are multi-discipline administrators who can bring their expertise to several departments at once.

How can a VA help my business?

Working with a VA will benefit your business in several key ways:
  • Increasing capacity – hiring a VAs instantly boosts your capacity, through regular monthly retainer packages and ad-hoc hours to keep things flowing in your peak business season. As an added bonus, you aren’t tied into long-term employment contracts.
  • Providing flexibility – VAs work flexibly across multiple departments providing support when and where your business needs it most.
  • Reducing responsibilities – VAs are freelancers, so your responsibility ends when their invoice is paid. You aren’t their employer, so you don’t have to deal with time-draining tasks like payroll and PAYE.
  • Saving time – This is a key benefit outsourcing – delegating troublesome or time-consuming tasks to a VA releases valuable time. That means you can focus on your priorities – be they business growth, building your network, or simply taking some time out for yourself.
  • Reducing costs – reducing your business costs is always a good thing. Hiring a VA means you save money (and time) spent on recruiting and training in-house staff. What’s more, VAs have their own equipment – laptops, phones, desks – so you don’t have to outlay for those resources.
  • A fresh perspective – VAs can and do act as a sounding board for your business decisions. As “outsiders” to the firm, they can provide an informed and impartial perspective.

Virtual Assistant in Cumbria

As a business owner in Cumbria, I see first-hand the challenges that firms face EVERY DAY with resource and staff recruitment. I also understand how dealing with these challenges sucks up time and stifles growth. My business connections all have one thing in common: they need more help (and more time) to run and grow their businesses in the way they want. Over 80% of my clients are Cumbrian businesses, and knowing that my team and I help local entrepreneurs and business owners achieve more is the most satisfying part of the job! M&M Business Support offers Online Business Management and Virtual Assistant services to firms in Cumbria and beyond. If you need extra support on a regular basis, help to clear some one-off tasks, or have a project to deliver, contact us on 07725753323 or email natalie@mmbusinesssupport.co.uk Sign up to the M&M Business Support Newsletter here

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