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Do you know the task you want to offload? Maybe you’re in survival mode and not worked that bit out yet? 

Either way take a look at the services M&M Business Support provides and give me a call, I’m confident I can help. 

The lists below are by no means exhaustive, if you can’t see what you need lets still have a chat so we can work out how I can help lighten your load.


Create/manage files & databases, diary management, meeting minutes, desk research, email inbox management

Financial Admin

Issuing invoices, chasing late payments, logging expense records, financial performance analysis and presentations


Sickness/holiday/maternity cover, time sheets, rotas, operational reviews, best practice, improvement presentations

Marketing Admin

Customer sentiment analysis, competitor shops, market research, campaign brainstorming, marketing strategy execution


Supplier/customer price reviews, gift purchasing, stock orders, stock level management, price negotiations with suppliers


Sourcing trades, maintenance quotes and scheduling, holiday let facilities review, advert/listings audit, holiday let market research

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Virtual Assistant Services

All services provided by M&M Business Support are available to you on a flexible basis, whether you need help as a one-off or more regular support, I’ll ensure our arrangement suits your needs.

The beauty of appointing me as your Virtual Assistant is the flexibility you can enjoy….there’s no employment costs and there’s no long term commitment or responsibility for you to worry about. I can work on a single task for you as a one off or if you get back on top of things you can reduce the monthly time we work together, or increase it if you have higher seasonal or project demands.

You’ll get great value from outsourcing tasks to me. Imagine not doing the tasks you hate, never get to or struggle to complete? Freeing yourself up means you can focus on the parts of our business that really make you money and increase that bottom line, the things you’re great at. Meanwhile I’ll work efficiently through your more menial tasks and always look to seek proactive ways of making things more efficient for you in the long run too.

FREE consultation

If you’ve seen the job you need help with, or even if you haven’t but know you need a lifeline why not take advantage of a free 30 minute long consultation? We can discuss the help you want and how I could support you, imagine the master plan we could cook up together!  

P.S.There’s no obligation for you to commit to anything on this initial call.


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