Priced to suit you,
so you achieve more

Can’t justify the price of employing someone? Don’t want to spend money getting help you may not always need?

My competitive pricing and flexible structure means you don’t have to worry about costs spiraling out of control. 

To find out how you can get some help, but only pay for what you need give me a call.

£35 per hour

  • Book the hours you need, when you need them
  • Suitable for all job types but especially one off tasks and holiday cover
  • Minimum time bookable is 1 hour
  • Urgent and last minute bookings taken where-ever possible
  • Hours are tracked, I'll keep you updated
  • Time is rounded to the nearest 15 mins

    £30 PER HOUR

  • Set regular monthly hours tailored to your needs, guaranteed time booked for you
  • Great for recurring tasks you want to outsource (maybe the jobs you dread each month)
  • Minimum time bookable is 8 hours per month for a 3 month period
  • Only 1 months notice required to increase/decrease your retainer package
  • Hours are tracked, I keep you updated
  • Time is rounded to the nearest 15 minutes


  • Hours of support are tailored to your need
  • Ideal for projects including operational system/process reviews and launches
  • Minimum time booked is dependent on project
  • No fixed notice required, package services are subject to availability
  • Regular updates provided so you're always kept in the loop

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    Pricing info

    The the 3 different options available in my pricing model means that I can help you, whatever your preference and importantly whatever your budget.

    Whatever the tasks are that you need me to do you’ll get great value for money from my support as you’ll not only have someone working on your to do list in the background, I’ll always look to seek efficencies for you and your business and (very importantly) you’ll be freed up to focus on the jobs in your business that really make you more money. I’ve heard many stories about how people’s day to day tasks at work consume their working days (and more), so they never get any head-space to work proactively, fix those inefficiences or grow their business.

    So, if you’re a freelancer who’s way behind on invoicing your clients, a business owner who always covers team holiday and sickness or you spend hours each week trying to wade through boring admin I hope you’ve spotted here that it’s not a big costly and long term commitment for you to appoint me as your Virtual Assistant and get that help that you so desperately need.

    FREE consultation

    If you’ve got questions and you’d like to talk about pricing for a task you need help with (I know, money isn’t a popular topic but it’s important) take advantage of a free 30 minute long consultation with me. We can discuss the help you want and how I could support you, either with a one off job or on a more regular basis. 

    P.S.There’s no obligation for you to commit to anything on this initial call.


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